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Peony Wholesale Guide

There are more than 3000 different Peony varieties. The most famous one is Sarah Bernhardt. This Peony was found in 1906 and is named after the French actress Sarah Bernhardt.

The history of this flower starts in China. The flowers have been cultivated there because of their roots and flowers. The Chinese ate the roots because it would cure you of fever. Since 1784 Peonies have been found in Europe.

The name Peony refers to the Greek Paean. Paean was a pupil of the Greek god Asclepius, the god of medicine. When Paean tried to cure Pluto, which had been injured by a duel with Hercules, he used a plant. This plant grew on the mountain of Olympus and was named Paeonia (Peony) after the recovery.

Peony Symbolism

If you give somebody Peonies, then you are giving a flower that symbolizes luxury, love, extravagance, happiness, and health. Not many flowers have the appearance of a Peony. If the flower opens up, the real beauty becomes visible.
Peonies score high on the ladder of love and romance. This because of the beautiful big flowers and the scent. Are you having a summer wedding? Then Peonies are great to use in your wedding bouquet!

How It’s Grown: Peonies in Holland

Kunis is one of our suppliers of high-quality Peonies in Holland. On a field of 12 hectares, they grow the most beautiful Peony varieties available. In a season, 2.1 million stems are all handpicked (!) from the field. Among their range are the popular varieties Sarah Bernhardt, Red Bernhardt, Duchesse de Nemours, and Kansas. Holex maintains a very close relationship with Kunis. The buying team is daily updated about the production and quality. Take a look at the video we made on the field and be amazed by all these Peonies!

Peony Availability and Varieties

Peony is a summer flower and only available in those months. Depending on the weather, the Dutch Peony season often starts in May and ends in July. The flower is earlier already available from southern European countries (often starting in April).

Everyone knows the light pink Peony, but the flower is also available in dark red, coral, hot pink, white and yellow. There is also variation in the petal style. There are single, double, and filled flowers.

  1. Peony Coral Charm – Coral Charm has a stunning coral color when the flower opens up, and this is slowly transforming into a light peach.
  2. Peony Sarah Bernhardt – Probably the best known Peony variety is this light pink-colored beauty.
  3. Peony Duchesse De Nemours – Looking for a reliable white Peony for your designs? Duchesse is what you need!
  4. Peony Mother’s Choice – Mother’s Choice is also a stunning white variety, and even with a double flower.
  5. Peony Command Performance – A real novelty variety! The supply of this gorgeous variety is still little, but we are happy to say that we can offer you during the season. Command Performance has a really big flower and is stunning when the flower opens up.
  6. Peony Red Charm – Red Charm – the name already says it all – is a charming, deep Bordeaux red-colored Peony variety. Perfect for bohemian, rustic designs that need a bit of contrast.
  7. Peony Jules Elie – Jules Elie is one of two tints darker than the well-known Sarah Bernhardt. This Peony matches very well with other pink flowers!
  8. Peony Claude Tain – Another filled white Peony, which is great to use in wedding designs.
  9. Peony Red Bernhardt – This is the darker variant of Sarah Bernhardt, and this one also looks absolutely breathtaking!
  10. Peony Sunny Girl – This is quite a new variety available on the market. The soft, sunny pastel yellow color makes that this is really something.

Design Inspiration with Peonies

You often see bouquets with only Peonies, sometimes with different colors in one bouquet. The Peony fits in every romantic bouquet! You also see often the combination with Alchemilla, but there are a lot more flowers that mix beautifully with Peonies. For example, Peony with Snapdragon, Clematis, and Scabiosa.

Take a look at these design tutorials we’ve made with Peonies:

For more design inspiration, visit our Pinterest mood board!

Peonies in The Holex Webshop

During the season, our coolers are stuffed with the most beautiful Peony varieties that are available for you and your customers. Contact your Account Manager or visit our webshop to order.

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