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pincushion leucospermum flowerwiki holex flower blog

Once this flower only grew in South Africa on the rocky coast of Cape Point (Cape of Good Hope). Nowadays, fortunately, many more people can enjoy this beautiful bloom. The flower belongs to the Leucospermum family, a family with more than 50 species.

The flowers are famous for their beautiful petals; these are spiny, thin and pin-shaped. That’s the reason the flower is also well known under the name Pincushion. The name Leucospermum is from the Greek words leukos (meaning white) and sperma (meaning seed). This name is a reference to the white seeds of many Leucospermum species.


This exotic beauty stands for strength and enthusiasm. The flowers are used to heavy weather conditions. A Pincushion is always visible in a bouquet, because of its distinctive appearance. A perfect flower for a gift, if you want to give somebody strength and power.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

Pincushions are available in a range of bright tones of yellow, orange and red. These colors are characteristic for this flower. The leaf is covered with a thin wax layer, which gives the flower protection for the salty sea wind that is blowing in its region of origin: South Africa. The flower is year-round available with good quality.

Design Suggestions

pincushion leucospermum flowerwiki holex flower blog

The flower is always an eye-catcher in a bouquet! Because of the specific form of the flowers, they really stand out. The colors of Pincushion are typical autumn colors, but the flowers are also beautiful in a spring-inspired bouquet.
Try to mix Pincushions with Physalis, Roses, Chrysanthemum, Amaryllis, and Rosehips for a beautiful fall bouquet. For a more spring look, combine Pincushions with Lisianthus, Viburnum, Carnations and Eucalyptus Baby Blue.

Shop Care Tips

If you take care of them, Pincushions have a long vase-life. If you receive the flowers, check the stems and flower buds. Remove excess leaves and cut with a sharp and clean knife 1-2 centimeter of the stem. Use clean water and a clean bucket, store in a cooler.

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