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Protea Blushing Bride

Protea Blushing Bride is one of the most sought-after wedding flowers. Serruria Florida is commonly known as Blushing Bride and a flowering plant in the Protea family. They are native to South Africa.

Blushing Bride White Protea


Blushing Bride is the most perfectly named wedding flower ever. Legend has it that they were given their name, Blushing Bride, because men on their way to propose to their beloveds, would wear one in their buttonhole or lapel and everyone in town would know their intentions, hence the bride-to-be would blush.

Color, Shapes, and Availability

At the beginning of the season, which is typically around mid-June, Protea Blushing Bride, commonly sold as pink is known as Serruria Rosea.  By mid-July, the flower turns to white with a slight blush and continues like this until the end of the season which runs until mid to end of October. Stem lengths run from 30-60cm and are sold by bloom count as well. This beautiful star-shaped, multi-bloomed flower has a papery feel and has a blush colored center and petals that range in color from snowy white and ivory to cream with tinges of pale pink.  They can range from 1-5 blooms, 5-10 blooms and 10+ blooms per bunch and additional have a long vase life.

Design Suggestions with Protea Blushing Bride

Protea Blushing Bride is a versatile flower that looks stunning on their own or when paired with other soft pink and cream colored blooms.  This unique flower is also perfect for bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces, and boutonnieres. Other pairings that would complement this beautiful flower would be to group them with Roses, white Astilbe, and Dusty Miller.

Shop Care Tips

Keep cool whenever possible. Strip leaves, if any, from the lower half of each stem. Then recut at least 2cm off each stem and place in water immediately.  Never bash or split the stems.  A preservative is very important as it will help the buds open. Lastly, the water needs to be replaced every day.

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