Ranunculus Flowerwiki Holex Flower BlogRanunculus comes from a large family called Ranunculaceae, a family with many famous flowers.  Aconitum, Delphinium, and Peony also belong to this family. Ranunculus is originally from Central Asia. How the flower finally found her way to Europe is not clear. Probably the flower looked so good that sailors took the flower back home.


When the beautiful petals open and the heart appears you see the real beauty of the flower. The symbolism of this beautiful flower is wealth, happiness, and festivity.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

Ranunculus is available in a broad range of colors: white, pink, orange, red, yellow, purple, and cream in various shades.

Ranunculus used to be a seasonal flower, but like most flowers, the season is getting longer and longer. Ranunculus is grown in the Netherlands, Germany, Ethiopia, and Italy. The flower is not available from May to September, but this can vary per year due to the weather conditions in the various countries.

Design combinations

Ranunculus Flowerwiki Holex Flower BlogThe flower is favorite at weddings because it’s easy to combine with other romantic looking (spring) flowers like Tulip or Muscari. But also different colors of Ranunculus in a bouquet looks beautiful. Ranunculus flowers are easy to mix with other flowers, and they fit almost every bouquet and budget.

Shop care tips

Check the flowers when you receive them, the flower bud should be closed (for a significant part). Ranunculus got hairy stems; whose are sensitive to water. So be careful with how much water you put in the bucket. It is better to refill regularly.