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Roses 101 | Varieties, Availability, Care & Ordering

The Rose: the queen of cut-flowers, with an amazing range in varieties and colors. In this article, we’ll try to get you familiarized with the overwhelming world of Roses.

A beautiful close up of a garden rose

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Varieties & Colors

Symbolism Per Color


Design Suggestions


Thanks to the wide range of varieties, Roses are well available throughout the year. Another factor that plays into this, is that Roses come from all over the world.

A large part is being grown in Africa nowadays. Every day, millions of Roses are flown in from Africa to the Netherlands, where they are handled and transported further. With holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, the number is somewhere around 23 million Roses a day! Almost the entire Fair Trade assortment is from Africa. However, the Dutch Rose is still famous and is known for its excellent quality.

Varieties & Colors

There are more than 2500 Rose varieties. And every year there are new species introduced on the market. Roses are (and remain) popular, that’s the reason there is a lot of money available for breeding.

The color palette goes from white to yellow, pink, purple, orange and of course red. Also, a lot of bi-colored varieties are available. Below you can find the meaning of the different colors of Roses, to inspire and inform your customers.

What is the meaning of different colors of Roses?
Every Rose color has its meaning!

The symbolic meaning per color

  • Pink represents gratitude, happiness, and tenderness
  • Yellow represents friendship, happiness, and optimism
  • Orange represents mercy, desire, and joy
  • Purple stands for elegance, grandeur, and love at first sight
  • Red represents the blood of Christ and love and respect
  • White represents purity, pure and genuine love

Pink-Colored Roses: Perfect for BFF’s

Does your customer ask for a bouquet for a special friend? Mix it with pink Roses! Pink Roses symbolize sweetness, admiration, and innocence. When you combine these color Rose varieties with Eucalyptus Cinerea, white Stock and white Lisianthus, you will design a heartwarming friendship-for-life bouquet!

  • Rose All 4 Love
  • Rose Aqua
  • Rose Lazise
  • Rose Candy Girl

Yellow-Colored Roses: for Hard-Working Friends

For customers that are looking for a way to show their appreciation to a dear one, you can suggest yellow Roses. Yellow symbolizes happiness, activeness, and energy. Mix them with blue Delphiniums, Eryngium Thistle and Asparagus Falcatus to get a striking, contrasting bouquet!

  • Rose Good Times
  • Rose Solero
  • Rose Moonwalk

Orange-Colored Roses: A Mixture of Friendship and Love

The color orange is a mixture of yellow and red. So you could say that orange is the intermediate between friendship and love. Orange color Roses also symbolize good energy and enthusiasm. Thus, the perfect flower to opt when a customer wants to show their appreciation! Combine orange Roses with yellow Stock.

  • Rose Confidential
  • Rose Juliet

Purple-Colored Roses: for Love at First Sight

When a customer comes to your shop, and lets you know he or she is totally in love, advise them to give purple-colored Roses. They stand for elegance, grandeur, and: for love at first sight!

Mix purple-colored Roses with pink Lisianthus and white Gypsophila for a charming look. Or mix with various Moon series Carnations, and Eucalyptus Cinerea to create an elegant and mysterious look. Success guaranteed!

  • Rose Maritim
  • Rose Nightingale

Red-Colored Roses: the Everlasting Symbol of Love

The Red Rose is the ultimate symbol of love, passion, and desire. It is the most classic of all the rose colors, and still the most popular. It is the ultimate flower to give for Valentine’s Day. But why is that?

Reading tip: The Story Behind Valentine’s Day and Red Roses

  • Rose Freedom
  • Rose Madam Red
  • Rose El Toro

White-Colored Roses: Symbol of Purity and Innocence

It’s not for nothing that weddings and white are intertwined. White has always been a symbol of purity, symbolizing the innocence and virginity of the bride.

  • Rose Avalanche
Rose Flowerwiki Holex Flower Blog

Origins and History

The queen of the flowers, and by far the most popular cut flower is the Rose. Roses have been praised for centuries for their beauty, the history of this flower goes far back in time. The Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, and Romans were already familiar with this flower and used it in different rituals.

The Persians made oil of Roses. The Greeks also made Rose oil and used it for balsaming their beloved dead ones. The Romans used the flowers to keep diseases away and used them for ceremonies and parties.

The oldest fossil remains of petals are found in California and are about 40 million years old. A religious legend tells the story that Roses did not have thorns in Paradise, but developed them when Eve and Adam had to leave.

Design Suggestions

Because of the wide variety and big choice in colors, the Rose is the perfect flower to use in any floral design. It matches well with almost every flower. Important is to know which color mix you want to use, and which style you want to express.

For a romantic look, combine Roses with Antirrhinum or Alstroemeria. Or go for a more bohemian look and combine with Eustoma, Trachelium, and Leatherleaf.

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Bouquet with Roses

Traditional or not… red roses are the most iconic Valentine flowers which are loved. Our Valentines bouquet with Roses is genuinely romantic, and together with the beautiful Astrantia Star of Flame, Eucalyptus Populus and Hypericum Rocky Romance form a bouquet that your loved one will never forget. Be inspired by this tutorial, follow the steps and create this romantic bouquet!

Valentines Bouquet | Holex Flower
Learn to Make This Valentine Bouquet with Roses!

Time: 10 – 15 minutes | Difficulty: easy (**)


  • Knife
  • Secateurs
  • Rope


  • 7 x Astrantia Star of Flame
  • 8 x Hypericum Rocky Romance
  • 6 x Eucalyptus Populus
  • 4 x Acacia Baileyana
  • 11 x Rose Ever Red
  • 5 x Rose Spray Rubicon
  • 8 x Prunus Cherry Blossom

Want to order these flowers? Visit our webshop!

Steps For Making This Valentines Bouquet with Roses:

  1. Start with the Eucalyptus and Hypericum.
  2. Now add the Astrantia, Acacia and some of the Roses. Make sure to spread everything evenly so the bouquet is nicely filled.
  3. Continue to add the flowers.. your bouquet is almost ready.
  4. Cut off the stems at the desired length. At least cut them at approx 2 cm from the end of each stem.
  5. Tightly secure the stems of the bouquet with the rope. This holds the flowers together.
  6. Your Valentines Bouquet with Roses is now ready for use. Enjoy!
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