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Sedum: A Wiki for (Wholesale) Florists

In this Sedum wiki entry, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this beautiful and multifunctional succulent. Here at Holex, we love Sedum as a cut flower for its subtle flowers and lush stem-and-leaf structure. Combining these two qualities makes it an ideal addition to almost any bouquet or other flower arrangement.

About the Sedum Flower

Sedum wiki by Holex Flower

Sedum is a genus of flowering plants, and part of the family that is commonly known as stonecrops. They form straight, tender stems with big clusters of starry flowers. 

Symbolism behind Sedum   

Sedum is a symbol of peace and tranquility. Succulents as a whole symbolize a timeless, enduring love, because of their tendency to store water in leaves and stems for hard times ahead. Combined, this offers a beautiful message of the Sedum flower as an offering of everlasting calm, peace, and perseverance. And isn’t that the kind of message we should be spreading in today’s world?

Sedum Varieties, Types and Colors

There are hundreds of different varieties and types of Sedum plants, each with their own characteristics. Sedum as a cut flower also offers a lot of variety.

In the Holex shop you can find Sedum Matrona, that blooms with a soft pink flower. A darker variety is our Sedum Spectabile.

Other Sedum Colors

Looking for a more exotic color? We also offer many different painted Sedum types. Ranging from a shy tinge of yellow to an extravagant deep blue or purple: Sedum has it all. Therefore, there is a Sedum flower for every color palette.

Be sure to check our webshop regularly for the most up to date stock of fresh Sedum!

Sedum flower design suggestions

Because of the large variety of types and colors, it would be difficult to find an interior that doesn’t go well with Sedum. A bright shade – like Sedum painted Dark Blue – would be a great pick to stand out as a single stem in a narrow vase. Or choose a subtler hue like pink, yellow or mint green to mix through a bouquet of some of our other beautiful flowers.

Good flowers to combine with Sedum are Hydrangea and Crocosmia. For more inspiration on how to combine Sedum, you might also want to check out these special “Floral Poké Bowls” we put together for you:

Get yourself a Sedum roof

Sedum as a garden plant has undergone a big market expansion with the upcoming hype of green rooftops. Especially in urbanized areas, this is an increasingly popular means to incorporate some green in the urban jungle. Succulents, and in particular Sedum, are very suitable for this, thanks to their hardiness and the fact that they store water in their leaves. This makes them able to survive in less-than-ideal conditions, with just a little (rain-)water and nutrients. 

Shop Care Tips

Check the flower clusters for damages after receiving the flowers. The flowers should be slightly open. Cut the stems, and put them in a bucket or vase of clean water. 

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