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Senecio Flower Wiki for (Wholesale) Florists

This Senecio entry is more of a “leaf wiki” than it is a flower wiki. But what is a good bouquet without some luxurious greens to add a natural touch? Senecio is a popular choice for just that purpose, thanks to its lush leaves and elegant green-grey colors. 


Senecio is recognized by its impressive leaf structures

Senecio – a genus of the Daisy family – is one of the biggest genera of flowering plants, containing roughly 1250 different species. 

The shear size of the genus makes it difficult to pinpoint the characteristics that define Senecio. The varieties that end up in floral arrangements, however, are characterized by their lushness and elegant structure. The leaves have a velvety appearance and are available in different shapes and sizes. 


Some of the flowering varieties of Senecio are said to symbolize protection because they form a full round ring of flowers. The name “Senecio” means “old man” in Latin. This might refer to the fact that Senecio often comes in different shades of grey.   

Senecio Varieties, Types and Colors

As mentioned above, Senecio is a huge genus of flowering plants. In this section, we highlight three of our bestsellers for a place in the spotlight. 

Senecio Full Moon

Senecio Floral Design

Senecio Full Moon is a beloved green for wedding bouquets. This variety combines a subtle silvery color with textured, soft leaves. It is the most green of the three varieties we discuss here. 

Senecio Maritima

This variety is easily recognized by its fine grey leaves, divided in a feather-like pattern. Fine matted hairs provide the grey, almost silvery shade. 

The special variety “Senecio Maritima New Look” is a little darker and has rounder leaves, with serrated edges. The shade of grey makes it almost the “missing link” between Full Moon and Silver Lagoon.

Senecio Silver Lagoon

Also know as “Dusty Miller”, owing to the dusty silver shade. Its leaves are oblong shaped, with a serrated edge.  

Design suggestions

Senecio pairs really well with a colorful, forthcoming flower. Roses, Peonies, or Hydrangea are a good choice. The mostly grey-green shades make it very suitable for softening color contrasts in your arrangement or centerpiece. 

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