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With its golden shade, Solidago fills up the gap in any bright-colored bouquet! Solidago Carzan Glory, Solidago Golden Glory, and Solidago Romantic Glory look vividly glorious in your floral designs. Holex offers a wide range of Solidago varieties in the webshop.


Solidago is known as Goldenrod. This flower is in the family of Asteraceae. Solidago is native mainly to North America. ‘’Solidus’’ in Latin means firm and ‘’ago’’ means to make. It was believed that this flower had some healing properties.


Solidago has many different meanings, such as sincerity, growth money, success, happiness, caution, and good fortune. This flower is quite versatile to use in bouquets to add a touch of meaning to it.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

Solidago comes in one specific color. A warm and golden yellow color is truly the color of Solidago. The stem of the flower is made of tiny golden flowers pointing to the sky. The availability is year round and blooms brilliantly in summer.

List of Varieties

  • Solidago Carzan Glory – An intense yellow color brightens your floral arrangement even more in a true summer color palette.
  • Solidago Golden Glory – This glorious flower fills your floral design with elegant textures.
  • Solidago Romantic Glory – Perfect flower to blend in a Lush Greenery wedding bouquet.

Design Suggestions

Solidago is an amazing filler for your bouquets. The refreshing yellow Solidago looks incredible as filler in your floral summer bouquet. Make a rich and lively floral arrangement with Solidago Carzan Glory alongside flowers with white and blue colors. Yellow Roses, white Alstroemeria, and blue Delphinium are flowers that blend well with Solidago.

Shop Care Tips

Cut the stems diagonally and place the flowers in a vase with clean water.

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