Tulip Care Tips for Wholesale Florists

When the Tulips arrive at your wholesale company, you want to make sure that they stay in perfect condition. To achieve this, we’ve created a list of Tulip care tips for wholesale florists that will help you to keep the Tulips in top shape. If you’re looking for the best quality Tulips than you should definitely go for Dutch Masters Tulips. Find out why here.

  1. Cleaning a cask

    Choose a cask that is high enough so the Tulips will stand up straight. Clean it thoroughly. Make sure there aren’t any leftovers from previous flowers.

    Clean a cask is the first step

  2. Filling the cask

    Fill the cask with fresh, clean and very cold water.

  3. Do not cut the Tulips

    Don’t cut the length of the Tulips. Otherwise the Tulips will start to grow. Also leave the sleeve on the heads of French Tulips.

  4. Storing the Tulips

    Store the Tulips in a cold area (39 ℉ / 4℃ is preferred ), away from the draft and keep them out of the sunlight. Exposing the Tulips to sunlight makes them go open.

  5. Caring for the Tulips

    Refresh the water every two days. Tulips need a lot of water so make sure they have plenty!

Tulips from Holex Flower

At Holex Flower we only offer the best quality Tulips. With these care tips you can ensure that your Tulips stay in the best condition. If you’re interested in our large range of high quality Tulips or Dutch Master Tulips than contact your account manager or visit our webshop to order these great flowers!