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Perhaps the best-known export product of The Netherlands is the Tulip. Nevertheless, this flower (and bulb) comes originally not from the Netherlands but, surprisingly, from Turkey (the Ottoman Empire). The Latin name for Tulip is Tulipa, which means translated “the flower that looks like a turban”. In the 16th century, the tulip became a popular flower at the Turkish empire of Suleyman the Great. At that time the men used to wear a turban in Turkey.

In the 16th century, the first Tulips came to the Netherlands; the first bulbs were a present for botanist Carolus Clusis in Leiden. Under the influence of the Golden Age, the popularity of the Tulip strongly increased. The Tulip was often seen in paintings and other art. The Tulip became even so popular that people spoke about a ‘Tulip fever’. The prices for the bulbs were so insanely high; often the price was more than an annual salary of a worker.

The Netherlands has the perfect climate to grow Tulips. They need a cold winter, a spring with cold nights and a period with higher temperatures (summer). With these conditions, you get the best quality Tulips. In spring, a lot of tourists are coming to The Netherlands to visit the Keukenhof and the Tulip fields. The Tulip is a symbol of spring in The Netherlands, despite the fact that the cut flower is nowadays year round available.


tulips tulipas holland flowerwiki holex flower blog

Tulips are in general the symbol of perfect love, but every color also has its symbolism. The symbolism of the most popular colors is:

• Red is love
• Purple is royal
• Yellow is mercy
• White is forgiveness
• Pink is elegance

In addition to a wide range of colors, you can also choose out of different shapes. There are four types of shapes: single and double-flowered, lily-flowered, and frilled tulips.

Design Combinations

Tulips are often combined with other famous spring flowers. For example, Hyacinth or Freesia.
But Tulips are also easy to mix with many other flowers because they fit in different styles; from a modern to a field bouquet. But you don’t have to combine them. What a glory: just a vase full of different Tulip varieties. A bouquet of Tulips is always impressing. If you want to add some extra elegance, choose a special type like Parrot Tulips.

Shop Care Tips

tulip tulipa tulp dutch flowerwiki holex flower blog

Use clean and cold tap water. Remember Tulips are still growing a little bit after they got cut from the fields (so a high vase is recommended). Keep them in the cooler when you receive them.

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