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All about Vanda

Vanda is one of the most mystical orchid varieties. The plant is discovered in 1613 by Alvin Semedo, who called him ‘tiao hua’ (translated air plant).  The plant originally grows on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, from the southern part of China to India. The orchid grew there high in the trees of the jungle, which was possible because of the spongy air-roots. Those roots are very important, to attach to trees and to adapt moisture from the sky.

Symbolism of Vanda

The name Vanda is from the Sanskrit language, a classical Hinduism language and one of the official languages of India. Translated, Vanda means parasitical plant, maybe a reference to how the plant lives on other trees? Vanda is the national flower of Singapore and is often used in flower crowns in Hawaii. There are around 80 Vanda species known. The general symbolism of the orchid is pure friendship. The blue Vanda, the original color of this flower, stands for peace in India.

Colors, Shapes, and Availability

The big flowers and the color palette make the Vanda unique, a gem under the Orchids. Vanda is the orchid with the most colorful color palette. Next to the original color blue, the flower is also available in brown, burgundy, cerise, pink, yellow, green, lavender, orange, white, red, and different shades of purple.

There are multiple size variations in flower buds, the buds range from tiny to super large. The Vanda flowers are long-lasting and appear in a cluster of 6 flowers per stem. The cut flower is year-round available with good quality.

Floral Design Ideas with Vanda

This flower is ideal for special arrangements, because of its unique, luxurious appearance. Visit our Pinterest mood board for some amazing design ideas! Also, you see the flower often used in corsages or added in a buttonhole. You can use the flowers easily in modern and luxurious bouquets.  Take a look at this amazing summer bouquet we made with Vanda!

Shop Care Tips

You receive the flowers always totally open, but the flowers are still 2-3 weeks preservable. Important is that you store the flowers not too cold, all orchids benefit from reasonably warm conditions. Always take great care in cutting orchids, as petals damage easily.  Cut the flower and place them in clean water. Process the branches as much as possible vertically, because of the weight of the flowers. If you use the flower as a piece, use water tubes if possible.

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