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How It Works: Lily Cultivation in Holland

A. Bakker & Zn. is one of our trusted Lily growers. We brought a visit to the greenhouse to show you how the cultivation of their beautiful flowers works. The range of A. Bakker & Zn contains amazing varieties like Sapporo, Helvetia, Sorbonne, Tabledance, and Willeke Alberti. Take a look, learn how Lily cultivation in Holland works, and be amazed! Visit our webshop to see the current offerings.

High-Quality Lilies

The employees at A. Bakker & Zn Nurseries are skilled and motivated and many of them have been involved with the company for years. The company strives for optimum quality products. Therefore, they have a closed loop supply chain in which they handle their own farming, greenhouse cultivation, and transport. In this way, we can ensure you that you only receive top quality Lilies when you order at Holex Flower!

Care tips for Lilies from the grower

A lovely bunch of lilies can be enjoyed for quite a long time. Below are a number of hints for optimum care:

  • Lilies do not have to be placed in an area with light
  • Avoid exposing them to drafts and bright sunlight
  • Flower food prevents the growth of bacteria in the water, contributes to prettier blossoms and combats early yellowing of the leaves
  • Lilies are sensitive to overly-concentrated flower food. Make sure that you do not exceed the ratio indicated on the packaging
  • Lilies are highly sensitive to ethylene, so do not place the vase close to a fruit bowl
  • Remove pollen stains with a dry brush; a wet cloth will only worsen the stain. You could also hang the affected clothing in the sun and wind for a few hours. Another effective method is to remove lily pollen with a piece of adhesive tape
  • If you would like to remove the pollen from the blossoms, make sure that you leave the filaments and the pistil untouched. The blossom will look less damaged
  • If you remove the pistil, the blossom’s fragrance will diminish
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