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From Holland with Love Orchids

From Holland Love OrchidsChoose for the best Dutch quality Orchids:

“From Holland With Love” Orchids in the distinctive wooden box

A modern twist, stylish elegance and pure nature: orchids have it all. Be inspired!

An orchid is sophisticated, elegant, and pure. Ideal as a gift or in special bouquets or arrangements. And ... Did you know that the orchid is also symbol of pure friendship ...?

The orchid is not influenced by trends. Whether you want to create a stylish statement, elegant wealth or a more earthy look: what color or type you choose, the orchid is never boring!

The colors and shape of the orchid lends itself to celebrate all life events. “From Holland With Love” Orchids offers you a very wide selection of orchids of high quality, which you and your customers can use creatively in all sorts of festive occasions.


All orchids that are offered under the name “From Holland With Love” Orchids are supplied by the best Dutch high quality growers. All products are packed directly at the greenhouses, which guarantees a good way of packing and therefore, little or no damage. As a result, we can guarantee you high quality orchids with a long shelf life and with competitive pricing. And in turn, you can also guarantee this to your customers.

If you want Dutch reliability and quality, then choose for “From Holland With Love” Orchids! Recognizable by the distinctive wooden box.


An orchid is easily recognized. The flower has three petals and three sepals. The middle petal is also called the ‘lip’ because it kind of sticks out. Useful for insects as they use this ‘landing place’ to reach the inside of the flower. To attract the right insects, the lip often has the most exuberant colors and drawings.

Some orchids have a slight odor, but most are odorless. What they all have in common is the exotic appearance, and the guarantee of long lasting blooms. Also important to know: they are easy to maintain.

There are different types of cut orchids available. The most common are Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis and Vanda. “From Holland With Love” Orchids can offer you a wide selection of these orchids in many different varieties and colors.


Cymbidiums are slightly different as related orchid types and are native to both cool and tropical regions such as Nepal, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia and the Himalayas.

The Cymbidium flowers (depending on the variety) in the autumn, winter or spring. This orchid is available in an extremely wide range of colors from white through yellow to brown, from light pink to orange to deep red... The 'lips' have beautiful colors, which gives the Cymbidium orchid a very striking appearance.


Phalaenopsis is a graceful orchid that looks a bit like a ballerina: from an elegant tall stem grows a lush floral branch that hangs down flamboyantly as more flowers bloom. The flowers can be large or small, and often have beautiful patterns.

Phalaenopsis is also called Butterfly orchid and is native to the tropical rainforests of Asia, New Guinea and Australia.


Vanda originates on the southern slopes of the Himalayas and in the area from India to southern China. These orchids do not grow naturally in soil, but clings to the trunks of trees.

Vanda is a real eye-catcher. Vanda flowers have the most beautiful colors and are very long lasting, so they are useful for weeks. Vanda also can be used very well as a corsage.




Cymbidium flowers should be transported and stored at temperatures between 2 to 5 degrees Celsius (or 36 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ensure that the vulnerable stigma is not damaged or broken; otherwise the shelf life is significantly reduced.

Cymbidiums are sensitive to ethylene, a gas that ages the flower very quickly. Ensure that the flowers do not come into contact with sources of ethylene such as ripening fruit, vegetables or exhaust.
When making flower arrangements or bouquets, keep the Cymbidium blooms in water tubes, and make sure the tubes are kept full of water.

When storing Cymbidium avoid high condensation or damp conditions because of Botrytis. This is a fungus that can tarnish the flower or leaves very quickly and greatly reduce the decorative value. Botrytis can be identified by small dark spots on the flowers. A clean and dry working environment is very important for Cymbidiums.


Phalaenopsis should be stored and transported at temperatures between 6 and 15 degrees Celsius (or 43 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit). When Phalaenopsis are stored or transported at warmer temperatures, the chance of ethylene damage is significantly increased.

Do not store or transport Phalaenopsis with fruits. This can cause ethylene damage.

Upon arrival at the store:, discard the vile and cut about 3 cm of stem diagonally and put the flowers in a clean vase (not metal). Make sure to add lukewarm and not hot water to the vase containing the Phalaenopsis.


Transport and store the flowers at temperatures between 12 and 16 degrees Celsius (or 54 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit).

Prevent the flowers getting exposed to large temperature differences over a short period.

Please advise your florist not to place Vanda flowers in cold storage.
Wilted branches can be re-hydrated by submerging the entire branch with flowers in (lukewarm) water overnight. The flowers will flourish again.

You can process both the complete branch as well as the loose flowers into decorations. Vanda comes more to its own right as a single flower. Always place the single flower in a flower insert tube in order to process it. Refilling is no longer necessary; the flower consumes very little water.


If you would like to receive more information about From Holland With Love Orchids, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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