Our Strengths

Our Strengths Holex FlowerWhen you order flowers at Holex, you order flowers that we source from all over the world. Supreme is our standard. We only offer competitive priced quality flowers that come from reliable growers. Our 35 years of experience have perfectioned our production and packing process, and we can guarantee we can ship your flowers worldwide.

Quality Flowers

Quality Flowers Our Strengths Holex FlowerSupreme is our standard. From luxurious to everyday flowers, they all have the highest quality level. We don’t need special selections! Whether you buy in bulk or one single bunch, you want to offer your customers the best flowers available, right? And – needless to say? – with the best possible pricing.

Worldwide Delivery

We ship flower to all places you can imagine. New York, Toronto, Dubai, Tokyo, and Shanghai: just to name some of the destinations where the Holex flowers travel. Our goal is to beautify the world with flowers from Holland.

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Worldwide Sourcing

Worldwide Sourcing Our Strengths Holex FlowerWe ensure you that you can be trustworthy to your customers. All our buyers keep close relationships with not only all reliable growers in the Netherlands but also in foreign countries. In this way, we can offer you a complete range of flowers, in all possible varieties and colors.

Our buyers travel a lot to stay updated about all offerings. They visit growers and take a look in the greenhouses, inspect the production process and hear the latest news and product developments.

In this way, we can keep track of all upcoming novelties, and we know exactly which grower can handle our orders best.

Perfected Packing Process

Perfected Packing Process Our Strengths Holex FlowerOur 35 years of experience have made our packing processes almost flawless. Our dedicated and professional teams have a very broad knowledge of flower care.

Did you know we use more than 50 various packings to transport your flowers safely all over the world? Each product has its own way of packing at Holex. That is why we can guarantee our high level of quality!

Read more about our production process: take the Holex tour

Personal Service

Personal Service Our Strengths Holex FlowerWe are your eyes on the market, and we believe that trust is the most important thing when it comes to serving clients online. That is why you have a personal Account Manager at Holex. He or she is always on the lookout for the best deals and opportunities that fit your needs.