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Floral sunglasses
Design Inspiration

Tutorial: Festive Floral Sunglasses

Let all your creativity flow with this exciting design. The possibilities and design combinations are endless. Another great thing about this design is that every sunglasses will turn out different…

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The discovery of the Gerbera has a Dutch touch, even though it was in South Africa. In 1727, the plant was discovered in Africa by Mr. Gronovius, a botanist from Leiden, who called the plant after his colleague Traugott Gerber. In 1827 the flower was introduced to the United Kingdom, and there the production was further refined and cultivated. Since 1950, the Netherlands is the largest country in the field of Gerbera development. Since 1975 it has become a very popular cut flower, and many Gerberas are exported. Gerbera belongs to the genus Asteraceae and is a non-fragrant flower.

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