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8 Christmas Flowers from Holland

Although Holex Flower services the whole world with fresh-cut flowers, we still have strong roots in the Netherlands, where our head office is located. We are proud of the Dutch floral industry. Which is why – amongst all the Christmas inspiration and products – we decided to highlight some typical Dutch flowers.

Flowers that are, of course, great for Christmas. Because we’ve got to stay with the times, don’t we?


Helleborus is tightly tied to Christmas: it is also known as “Christmas rose”, due to an old legend that it sprouted from the tears of a young girl who had no gift for the Christmas child in Bethlehem. The variety that you see here, is called Helleborus Christmas Glorie. How appropriate.


The bright red berries of this Ilex Verticulata bring to mind one of the most iconic of Christmas greeneries: Holly. With its woody stem, it’s not strange that Ilex Verticulata is one of the all-time Holiday favorites.


Syringa is a Dutch work of art: the artisanal growing process takes up a lot of time and effort. But as you can see, the result is worth it.


There are many great Christmas greeneries out there. How about this Chamaecyparis? Beautifully lush and bright green.


Kalanchoe is a flowering succulent, which gives it a characteristic combination of sturdy, rubbery leaves and bright colored little flowers.


Another great pick for Christmas decorations, pieces, and other arrangements is Skimmia.


Our cooler is filled with many beautiful Amaryllis varieties. The Amaryllis Christmas Gift that you see here is just one example, with a very fitting name.

Skimmia Painted

Skimmia is also available in many festive Holiday colors. Here you can see Skimmia Painted Copper. Or what about a champagne tinted Skimmia to prepare for New Year’s Eve?

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