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Holex USA: Fabulous Fall Flowers at Holex Miami

Are you looking for the fall vibe in your flower arrangement or bouquet? Here are our four favorites for the season. And of course, you can find these – and many other fall flowers – in our webshop.

Neumann Lilies

Neumann Lilies have an excellent product quality and an outstanding vase life. For our North American customers, we offer three varieties: Asiatics, LA Hybrids, and Orientals. All of these varieties are being cultivated by the Neumann Flowers family farm.

Neumann Lilies: Asiatics

Originating from Central and East Asia, these Lilies are known for being scentless. Ideal if you’re looking to create a fall setting in look, but not in smell.

Neumann Lilies: LA Hybrids

No, this is not a special kind of Lilly from Los Angeles. They are a combination of Longiflorum and Asiatic Lilies, combining the strengths of these two varieties. Longiflorum Lilies have an excellent vase life, while Asiatics stand out for their warm colors. With the LA Hybrid, you can get this in one flower.

Neumann Lilies: Orientals

As opposed to their Asiatic cousins, these Lilies have a strong fragrance. They’re also known as “Stargazers” because the flowers of most Oriental varieties look upwards.

Read this article for more information about our Neumann Lillies.

Ornamental Corn

What better way to set the table for next thanksgiving than with a beautiful centerpiece centering Corn?

With its many seeds, Corn symbolizes fertility and rebirth. Therefore, it makes for an excellent addition to any fall bouquet, the season in which the current year is coming to an end, and we start preparing for the next one.

Corn has been cultivated for thousands of years. Scientist believe that the first crops of Corn were invented by people in central Mexico some 7000 years ago.

We’ve come a long way since then. There are many shapes and colors of Ornamental Corn available. In other words: there is always a type of Corn to spice up your fall arrangement.

Further reading: Ornamental Corn, Folklore, Availability, and Design Suggestions.

Mums Florisol

Florisol & Co. is one of the most prestigious companies of the Ecuadorian flower industry. Founded in 1984, they now feature their own tissue lab in order to guarantee the quality of all their varieties.

For this fall, we recommend Bronze Standard Mums, Bronze Anastasia’s, or Virginia Red Disbud Cremone’s.

For more information, you can also read our article on Mums of Florisol, or visit our webshop to see all fresh cut flowers we have in stock for you.

Cape Bouquets

Last but not least: the beautiful Cape Flora mix bouquets of Intaba Flowers in South Africa. Intaba has partnerships with many local growers in the Cape Floristic Region. They collect the flowers for their bouquets from a geological region stretching from Citrusdal on the West Coast to Port Elizabeth in the East.

Although the size and value remain the same, the flowers in the bouquets variate from season to season. This fact makes the Cape Bouquets a real fall favorite for the season.

Visit our webshop, and discover our latest stock of Cape Bouquets!

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