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Nico’s Eleven Favorite Pincushion Varieties

It’s not hard to imagine where the Pincushion Flower got its name. Pincushions are easily recognized by the many stamens that emerge from the compact flower heart. Like – you guessed it – a Pincushion.

The characteristic Pincushion

This characteristic appearance, combined with the many different colors available, makes it a popular flower for bouquets and arrangements. Nico – General Manager of Holex U.S.A. – is a big fan, which is why we decided to share with you his eleven favorite Pincushion varieties.

Pincushions are being grown throughout the year in Ecuador and Colombia. In the fall, we also get some beautiful varieties from South Africa. In other words: fall is the best time for ordering Pincushion.

Which ones do you think your customers will like as much as Nico does? Don’t forget to order them in our webshop!

Ayoba Orange

Pincushion Ayoba Orange | Holex Flower

Emperor Red





High Gold





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